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Hayley and Christian

What a day!! This was my first time photographing at The Lakeview Events in Barrhead, and it was stunning! Everything for the day happens on site, which I love. There is a wedding suite, glamping, and spots for trailers, so it can be a whole weekend experience instead of just the day! Such a cool location!

Hayley and Christian's wedding was a long time coming! The two met online in 2019 and haven't looked back since. Having had to postpone due to Covid, everyone was extremely excited for this day to come. This wedding was so chill and relaxed, full of laughter, smiles and fun!

These two are BIG hockey fans, and enjoy spending time together watching sports. (Even though Christian is a Flames fan, which we won't hold against him). The couple added their love for hockey into their wedding photos by sporting jerseys. Christian bought all of his groomsmen Flames jerseys and made them wear them for photos haha. They all despise the Flames and had Oilers jerseys hidden underneath. It was hilarious!

I asked the couple if they could describe their wedding in a few words, what would that be? Simple, earthy, intimate, love and happiness! And it was just that. The bridesmaids wore dark green dresses and the groomsmen wore grey suits. The white and green flowers and decor played into their vibe perfectly.

Before the wedding, Hayley and I did a bridal boudoir shoot to make Christian a book! It was a great surprise and so much fun. Leading up to the wedding, Hayley and I planned the wedding photos to a tee, but I did have a few surprises for her up my sleeve. She wanted pictures of her and each bridesmaid individually, so I asked the bridesmaids in private to share something they love about Hayley to her, in that moment. It created beautiful, emotional, candid pictures, and is a special memory they will take with them from the day. Hayley and Christian also had a surprise of their own to share with guests, and at the end of the slideshow revealed that they are expecting!!!

This perfect wedding was capped off by an epic firework show over the lake!

One for the books!

To see this full wedding gallery, visit my main site!

Some other amazing vendors from this day were

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