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 About me

At Jillian Ila Photography, I pride myself on capturing moments that will last a lifetime. I believe that photography is about taking the time to truly understand a person’s story and the emotions that they are feeling. My mission with each session is to capture not just a photograph, but a genuine memory that can be cherished forever. Based out of Edmonton, I have been photographing weddings and capturing the madly in love in Alberta for over a decade.  Documenting memories that can be savoured for years to come is truly an honour and privilege. My candid, documentary approach will leave you free to enjoy your day while I preserve your memories!  I am passionate about visual story-telling and am definitely more comfortable behind a camera than in front of one!

In a nutshell....

animal lover  /  traveller  /  artist  /  bookworm /  gardener  /  Aquarius 

coffee lover  /  tea lover  /  lover of caffeine in general  /  foodie  /  adventurer  /  wannabe interior designer    podcast junkie  /  morning person  /  lover of live music  /  personally tone def

Let's work together                     Phone:  780-719-2380

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